SmartObject do not just build your app, we help you through the entire process:

1) Design and Usability: Our expert team have built many applications in various markets and we know what users want. We will discuss your needs and propose a way to create a user-friendly app that is easy to use and provides you with the conversions that you need.

2) Integrating The App Into Your Systems: We build both stand-alone apps and apps that are inter-linked to your website. If you need your app to auto-update when your website does, we can work with your web-developers to ensure that this is achieved. We can also integrate it so that any information entered is also transferred to your own database and backend system of your website.

3) Testing: An app will be used by many people in many ways. Therefore, it needs extensive testing because once a user has had a bad experience, they will delete your app and leave a bad review. We test your app before it is submitted, so that you can have a successful and problem-free launch of your app.

4) Launching The App: We work with you until your application is live and approved in the App store. We will help you choose the right categories and description to submit to Apple and ensure that anything they suggest needs changing on your app is changed by us immediately.

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